Dayton Vehicle Graphic Advertisement Services


 Dayton Vehicle Graphic Advertisement Services

We specialize in vehicle graphic installations, vehicle wraps, fleet wraps, auto color changes and more.

Vehicle Color Change

High quality, versatile, quick color change in the every day looks. These are designed for clients that want the extra touch. Protection of your vehicle’s original paint is an additional bonus of wrapping

Banner & TradeShows

A great way to increase your businesses’ revenue and exposure in a specific area of interest. These are great for small and large businesses. No job is too big or too small.

Vehicle Wraps

Get Your Company Noticed with our Custom Vehicle Wraps. Turn your car into a mobile billboard that is geared to catch the every day eye of the public wherever you go.

Point of Purchase

POP Displays and graphics is one of the most important parts of any promotion and advertising campaign. This is the first and last thing that your customers will see. We offer products to help promote your brand.

Window to Wall Coverings

Do you want to stand out from your competition? These are ideal for construction zones, interior spaces, offices, and any wall that is in need of a extra touch.

Specialty Graphics

This area is up to the imagination. Deadline Design specializes in various works that the client brings to us. Our capabilities are as endless as your imagination!


What is your definition of quality?

Deadline Design is one of the industry’s top notch installation companies in accordance with the PDAA’s Master Certification program.

Does having your car wrapped really protect it from the sun’s harmful UV rays?

Yes, we have all seen what can happen to a car’s paint when it is violated by the sunlight. Why not wrap it and shield your paint with a protective layer of leading edge material.

What do site surveys accomplish?

A quality site survey serves as a brief overview of details that are KEY to ensuring the deadline is met with integrity and precision.

Do I need to bring anything for the installation?

Deadline Design provides everything needed for the installation except the installation surface. Bring us the canvas and get back a piece of artwork!

Does Deadline Design have personal deadlines?

We pride ourselves on making our clients deadlines first priority. We will work until the job is done not the time clock. Large projects are our specialty so rush order and after hours are the norm for Deadline Design.

I have heard a myth that vinyl graphics destroy the original painted surface. Is this true?

No! Vehicle wraps can last up to five years with proper care and when you are ready to have the graphics removed Deadline Design has the tools and expertise needed to ensure your vehicle looks the same as it did pre-installation.

Is there a way for me to make sure the job goes as planned?

With years of experience Deadline Design understands that our clients want to be kept informed and want to know the nitty gritty details. We take pictures and do site surveys prior to any decal being installed. We provide updated pictures on request as well.