Dayton Color Change, Vehicle Wraps, Fleet Wraps

Color Change, Vehicle Wraps, Fleet Wraps

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Here at Deadline Design we understand that our customers have deadlines to their designs. We started this company to better serve the businesses that see the profitability in graphic advertisements. We want to see our customers have a large profit margin therefore we have adopted the philosophy of  Ben Franklin “ The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” Quality is the main focus of Deadline Design. We specialize in Vehicle Graphics – Vehicle Color Change – Vehicle Wraps – Fleet Wraps and more.




PDAA Master Certified Installer

Member of SGIA

fellers certified

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About Us

1. Pre-Installation Inspections

We offer “site surveys” that will give you the ability to shop around for better “deals” because we are so confident in our sleek professional installations that we are sure you will come back to give Deadline Design your graphics.

2. Project Oversight

We offer direct contact with the installation crews so there will be no “he said she said”. If you provide us with detailed explanations of what details you want covered you can rest assured your designs will be applied within the deadline.

3.  Installation

Safety is first here at Deadline Design we are licensed and insured. All OSHA requirements are met when installing anything from a yard sign to a building wrap on a hi-rise in the heart of downtown.


We have locations in Dayton, Ohio and Atlanta, Georgia. We recognize that location is key to success in any business decisions so why should advertisements for your company be any different?